Day 30 – “We Made It!”

Today is the final day of our 30 Day “Praying For My Husband” Challenge. Some of you Unknown-1have prayed every day, and followed every word, and others of you have done your best with your schedule. Thank you to all of you for listening to my heart. I hope you have truly connected with my heart’s intent in this challenge. God’s people must pray! Wives need to pray for husbands, husbands need to pray for wives, churches need to band together and pray for each other, and for a great move of God to sweep across this nation. There is simply nothing in our lives that we should not be praying about and including God in. It is when we “acknowledge Him in all our ways”, that He directs our paths.

If this challenge has gotten you even the slightest bit focused on the urgency of the Body of Christ learning to pray, and especially praying the Word of God, then every day was worth it.

As I stated in the introduction to this challenge, my main hope was to encourage wives to boldly cover their marriage and their husband in prayer and watch what God would do in both of you.

I wrote: “With marriage being so brutally beaten by the media, minority groups and unbelievers, it’s time to unashamedly put our Bible-based marriage values back up at the top of our priority list and start talking about them to both God, our children and others, a lot more…”

What if … Godly women, decided to not only be concerned with “taking back the definition of marriage”, but instead, focused on living out the pattern and principles God laid out for us in His Word, and began living out our marriages as God intended? What if we determined in our hearts to once again make Him the central focus of our marriage, covering our spouses in continual prayer, served one another in love, walking with each other according to what “pleased” God not us, and inquired of Him together before every decision? Could it be possible that there would be hope for the next couple of generations to “see” and “know” this better way and once again choose God’s definition of marriage?”

UnknownMy second hope was that in setting yourself a 30 day goal, you would develop a habit of daily meeting with Jesus, falling in love with His Word, and the power He has promised us in it. God still hears and answers the fervent prayers of a righteous woman!

Let me close our time together with a few verses I love. The first one starts out, “I was so foolish and ignorant …” (that’s how I feel every time I allow anything the keep me from the Word and fellowship with Jesus in The Secret Place).

“I was so foolish and ignorant …
yet I still belong toYou; you hold my right hand.
You guide me with Your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny.
Whom have I in heaven but You? I desire You more than anything on earth.”
Psalm 73:23-25

The amazing thing about “The Secret Place” that you have set-apart for only you and Jesus, is that He never leaves that place. He never falls asleep, He never turns His back in offense. He waits. Always go back, no matter how long you have been away.

My last thought, “… if you carefully look into the perfect law (the Word of God)
that sets you free, and if you do what it says,
and don’t forget what you heard,

then God will bless you for doing it.” James 1:25

Praying the richest of blessings upon you and your marriage as you continue to cover it in prayer.

Valerie Holmes